Global alliances are rapidly formed between industry leaders, technology innovators, business strategists, developers and start-ups all mashing up at the IoT cutting edge.

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IoT Mashups are
  • connected
  • integrated
  • data driven
  • personalized
  • contextual

Connect Sensors&Things
Set-up Network&Cloud
Collect & Manage Big Data
Create IoT Services & Solutions

Benefits of the Internet of Things and how Mashups help to Accelerate

User Benefits

Engage and Experience

rich and augmented brand experiences

Lead a Healthy Life

monitored by the internet of caring products

Live Smarter

innovate cities with smart appliances

Safe Money

and resources with smart energy products

And Much More ....

.... the possibilities and benefits are endless

Business Benefits

Track Things

sensor analytics for real-time marketing

Contextual Awareness

locate things and determine user context

Asset Control

optimize utilization and productivity

Increase Efficiency

and effectiveness of business operations

New Business Models

unlock innovation and new revenue streams

How Mashups help to Accelerate!

Increase Agility

assemble existing data and app services

Speed Up Operations

Accelerate time to revenue by shorter cycles

Reduce Investment

Simple integrations, reuse and share services

Boost Innovation

mashup big data and apps as not yet known

Learn and Adapt

ensure succes by leveraging proven examples

We're not the only ones
  • curious
  • excited
about the future of the Internet of Things...

IoT startups have reached the peak of inflated expectations whilst IoT enterprise companies announce humongous investments in new IoT business models. The IoT market is heating up, meet some of the leaders building the future.

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