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eDevice is a brilliant design and developer of machine-to-machine and eHealth connectivity applications, operating out of Bordeaux, France.

An ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified company for design, production, and marketing, the company deals in modems, connected devices and other types of communication equipment. It also has provision for global network telecommunications and emergency data transmission services. With over 3 million products that contain eDevice s technology embedded in to them are already in use in the market, users can keep track of their statistics with live streaming analytics. Through constant partnership with other world technology leaders, eDevice has brought cutting-edge device connectivity technologies to wireless medical devices.

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HealthGO+ great smart healthcare connected device

HealthGO+ is the fully-integrated version of eDevice’s next-generation Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology platform. With an its 7″ touch-screen, HealthGO+ provides an improved user-experience and easier interaction for chronically ill or elderly patients. The HealthGO+ is an innovative and reliable solution designed for healthcare companies seeking to quickly deploy an end-to-end RPM system.

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