T Mobile


T-Mobile Inc believes in the idea of using wireless connections as a source of inexpensive communication aid and assistance .

Introducing their new E-Sim design, T-Mobile hopes to make a space in the user its car or any other Internet of Things device, removing international data charges in the process. The main agenda behind this launch is to ensure that the users do not incur any additional costs when they move beyond the confines of their home networks. T-Mobile is said to be taking on the M2M markets through this initiative. Bringing Un-carrier to the M2M space, it increases focus on the customer through simplicity, cost and transparency. Available specifically for Canadian travel, the E-Sim is largely expected to be a consumer solution at some point. Although it is primarily for businesses in the connected application market to mash into their M2M solutions, it will benefit a large number of users once it expands its reach beyond the Canadian borders.

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