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Infinis boosts the availability, reliability and safety of delivering smart renewable energy through a unified and predictive infrastructure maintenance approach.

Infinis is a top-tier renewable power generator in the United Kingdom. They have various onshore wind, hydro and landfill gas generators all over the UK. In 2013, 7% of the total renewable gas production in the UK was attributed to Infinis making it the 3rd largest generator of renewable energy in that given year.

The generators provided by Infinis must be able to operate without having any personnel to monitor their performance since they are located at remote sites. However, the generators must provide real-time performance indicators, since landfill gas is a fuel of variable quality, and it takes a toll on the equipment; real-time information enhances the reaction time of the maintenance staff should a problem arise.

Each component in their generators is fitted with wide-ranging sensors to make it a fully connected generator to oversee their operations in real-time and alarms are raised whenever they are pushed beyond their threshold. The BMS and SCADA systems which manage the components send an alarm notification to the incident management system (IMS), which is based on IBM Maximo, located at their main logistics center. Incident records are created by the system and these automatically produce maintenance work orders for their field engineers to resolve.

Due to the constant monitoring of their landfill gas-plant components, Infinis has seen a decrease in power outages by more than 50%. The significant reduction in outages has increased the company’s reliability index by up to 7%. This has led to an increase in the revenue generated from its production sites to approximately 10 million pounds every year. The Maximo-based IMS has led to an increase in the efficiency of their operations with every alarm being dealt with on time and effectively.

Landfills produce gases which have up to 60% methane; this is a potential greenhouse gas that could lead to global warming. Infinis Landfill Gas production sites help in turning these gases into a source of energy for the local communities. The proper management of these sites using remote monitoring sensors, the efficient collection and analysis of large amounts of data at a centralized center, and the rapid response of skilled field engineers has turned Infinis plants into sources of renewable and profitable energy.


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