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Nike Plus FuelBand

IoT Project Description

NikeFuel is a combination of a connected device, a FuelBand SE and an mobile phone app that measures your body movements, track your activities and helping you train better. This unique mashup of devices helps you see in hard numbers how far you are progressing in your training, be it running or other forms of sports.

Everyone goes through phases of despair during training for that marathon or that targeted training goal, due to lack of confidence and motivation. To pull you through those difficult times and keep training, Nike Plus Fuel does a great job. With numbers and facts right in front of your eyes, in addition to insights and motivation, Fuel keeps fuelling your training sessions.
NikeFuel measures the movement of your entire body, focusing only on the energy required to do a certain activity, without taking into account gender, age, or body weight. Thus it measures the various ways you stay active during a day, helping you discover activity trends in your everyday life and also allows you to compare results with your friends. You can track your movements directly from your iPhone 6 and share results with the NikePlus community.

With this connection between devices, training becomes a lot more fun and logical. This is an interesting case study of how Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming everyday activities of our lives in smarter and better ways, turning conventional devices into intelligent ones. Apart from connecting you with like-minded people, NikePlus also has a Sport Feed which provides you with tips and challenges for better training.

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