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Rio’s Connected Crime Fighting

IoT Project Description

If you are looking to achieve big goals, you require big coordination. This collaboration has to go beyond a single organization, government agency or industry. Rio de Janeiro is much more than just a beautiful city famous for beaches and landscapes. However, the city required handling of environmental situations such as an intense rainy season with floods and traffic congestion. These incidents decreased the quality of life of the citizens.

The greatest challenge for Rio administration was controlling the environmental challenges along with high crime rate, kidnapping threats and other issues. Management of accumulated data and info with all government departments was a problem. Creating a sustainable solution for a smarter city was envisaged and technology initiative in the fields of public health, emergency management, tourism and transportation was sought. The idea was to improve the city’s incident response and safety.

The first step was collect data from the smart sensors placed strategically around Rio. Next step was to analyze information collected from these devices and other resources to take informed operational decisions by city’s management. A timely alert to the citizens about natural disasters and other issues was the primary concern.

The solution came in the form of integrating all the information from various government agencies and the private sector to improve the administration response to incidents and other significant issues such as Rio safety. More than 50 agencies in Rio are connected with integration of these agencies’ related data. As a result Rio has better coordination among several agencies during natural disasters and other large threatening events.

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