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Smart Home Lock

IoT Project Description

Lockitron can lock and unlock your door via remote control from your smart-phone. It can also sense when you walk up to the door and unlocks it for you using Bluetooth Low Energy.

Do you keep forgetting your keys, have you been locked out of your own house more than once? Do you have little to no faith in locks and keys when it comes to the safety of your home? Locktiron brings you the smart home security solution for keyless locking. Lockitron mashes up the lock on your door with your smartphone to give you a “thinking” locking system, based on the philosophy of Internet of Things (IoT).

Lockitron fits snugly over the lock on the inside of the door – unlock it via a mobile app in your smartphone. If you have a phone with Bluetooth Low Energy, it can sense the authenticated device and unlock the door for you automatically. Thus, instead of a traditional key, your connected device becomes the key to your door. Don’t have a smartphone, not to worry – there is an SMS “key” option.

On top of that, you can still lock/unlock your door lock using a traditional key – you will be instantly notified via the phone app of this action. As more and more devices are becoming connected in new ways, ordinary objects are getting a smart makeover – IoT is bringing unrelated devices closer to make our lives easier and better.

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