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The Smart Hair Brush – Kérastase Hair Coach

IoT Project Description

smart hairbrushAt CES, the most prestige international technology conference, this week over 3500 companies will present all kinds of new innovative gadgets. Also some new IoT thingies like the Smart Hair brush. The smart toothbrush already existed, and now the smart hair brush will hit the markets soon.  The Kérastase L’Oreal Hair Coach is a smart hair brush and works with an app to help you get the perfect haircut.

The Kérastase Hair Coach

Kérastase, the leading hair cosmetics and haircare company, developed in close cooperation with an known IoT expert to build the ‘world’s first’ smart and connected hair brush.  It is called, the Hair Coach hair brush helps you with insights on whether your hair is healthy and supports your hair to stay in perfect condition. Hair brush unfortunately has no built hairdresser; this is the role you’ll have to play. The Hair Coach smart brush includes a microphone and different sensors so that the hairbrush is able to recognize what kind of hair you have and whether your hair is brushed in the right way. The smart brush sends this information to an app. Based on complex calculations, sound analysis and algorithms the user receives a hair quality index score and tips to boost this hair score.

The hair brush gives you feedback via vibrations on how well you are brushing your hair. The brush is controlled by miniscule microphones that have been integrated in the brush itself. Taking the sound of breaking hairs, and passing the data to the app. Are your brushing your hair too fast or too hard? The smart hair brush will provide you feedback by vibrating.

Learn How to Brush Your Hair like an Expert

Your brush data can be viewed via the app and stores a comprehensive profile of hair profile and brushing behaviour. The app is typically used to monitor your hair quality and encourage other products that can help with hair care. It is also perhaps the most value of this smart hair brush … at least, for L’Oréal itself.

Let your hair be done with the smart hair brush powered by Withings

IoT company Withings has teamed up with Kérastase and L’Oréal developed the World’s first connected and smart hair brush.

The Hair Coach contains IoT sensors that are made by Withings, while the algorithms are created in collaboration with L’Oreal. Together they determine the quality of the hair while you’re brushing. A built-in microphone is listening carefully to the sound of the hair while brushing and can infer the dryness, fragility, split ends and other hair misery. It also contains an accelerometer and a gyroscope to measure the brush pattern and checks how often you move the brush through your hair. You get a warning if you are brushing too hard which is all enabled by the sensors of Withings.

smart hairbrush app

What’s a Smart hair brush without a smart app?

Via the mobile app or smart watch you read all measurements, including graphs. It even takes into account the weather conditions to determine if your hair is really healthy and what you can do to improve it. The recommendations that you get will undoubtedly be available at L’Oréal and Kérastase online stores.

Smart Hair brush – Release date and it’s Price

The smart hair brush will be available in stores from this autumn. The hairbrush will be available for  $200 at our online store or you can visit the Withings website or Kérastase hair salons.

smart hairbrush sensors

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