The Hottest IoT Start-ups Creating Buzz Today

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The Hottest IoT Start-ups Creating Buzz Today

The brand called Internet of Things (IoT) has literally sweeped through the entire world making a prominent mark. It has been estimated by Gartner that by the year 2020 the market value of IoT would have crossed the mark of $309 billion. Reearchers at Gartner also believe that IoT would have taken hold of billions of devices (at least 26 billion) by the end of 2020. Even Cisco is strongly of the opinion and also conforms to the assumption that by 2018 IoT would have completely taken over the internet services.


Let us now go through a list of such hot IoT start-ups that have created a huge buzz today:

Adhere Tech

This New York based company has taken the world of IoT by storm by adding the dimension of health to it. It deals with wireless bottles attached with sensors that keep records of medicines and pills. To make it simpler, if a single pill or a millilitre of liquid is extracted from the medicine bottle it immediately notifies the patient about the same. In fact it even monitors and regulates the medicine dosage and notifies the patient in case if a dosage is skipped.

Annually around 33%-69% people are hospitalised in USA due to non-adherence to medication which amounts to around 1, 25, 000 deaths. Adhere Tech through its smart technology aims at bringing down these statistics by making the patients adhere to their medication.

adheretech john stein


Gone are the days of security devices recognizing finger prints and the like. This Colo based company has changed the entire dimension of security systems by using a facial recognition technology which identifies the face of a person through the aid of a computer-enabled vision, providing a solution which becomes one of the most intelligent doorbells in the world. Moreover the system is designed in such a way that it cannot be trolled by the use of pictures and can very well distinguish between twins as well. In fact, breaching the security code of these high-tech alarms is almost impossible.

Thanks to Chui, human face has been endowed with a new status of “universal key”. Chui claims to have obtained more than 311 clients in around 4 months of time and is spreading across like anything in the market.

Chui - Your Face - Your Key


This Calif based company headed by Tushar Dave deals with an intelligent system of lighting.

  •  Enlighted works on providing “smart-sensors” to new LED, CFLs, etc or the existing ones. These sensors take care of the light range, temperature, occupancy and above all the energy consumption for every 100 square feet of an area underneath these nodes. These nodes of Enlighted work independently without sending or receiving signals from the main light fixture. This would in turn reduce power consumption due to lighting which is presently between 25%-40%.
  • Enlighted is at the same time coming up with other IoT related services as well, one of them being Occupancy Services App. This app ensures availability of a vacant room for seminar to an employee by helping her/him identify the booked rooms by tapping heat.


Wash based Heapsylon owned by Davide Vigano is a company of future that provide the technology of computers on clothing apparels.

  • Sensoria socks by Heapsylon are built using sensors that can play the role of a miniscule treadmill by monitoring steps, walking/ running speed, calorie count, slope along with even recording the temperature of the environment and suggesting techniques for landing of foot and ways of balancing body and distributing weight.\

Sensoria Socks

  • These high-sensitive socks have been especially keeping runners (at least 25 million of them in America out of which 85% suffer from injuries annually) and athletes in mind as it comes out as a perfect coaching guide for them.
  • They also provide Sensoria T-shirts as well as bras that help in monitoring heart beats over uneasy straps of plastic.
  • Moreover all these devices can be conveniently controlled and regulated through the phone-based app.


humavox wireless chargingIsrael based Humavox is a company of its kind. This company aims at charging IoT enabled devices with power in a wireless fashion making the use of radio frequencies. The makers have tried their best to offer a substitute for traditional USB cords and ensure reach of power to various devices without using wires. It can be understood in a way that the power transmission from one device to another takes place like a file being transferred using Bluetooth device or All Share.

This technology starts working when a device is placed in a container with energy concentrated in that bowl (even a toy box could be used) from which its then transferred and the flow stops automatically after the devices are charged maintaining the law of conservation of energy as well.

wireless charging iot 

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